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We present the listings on this page for your reference only. We donot endorse any of the services listed here and claims no responsibility for their actions or the value therin.
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Bridal Consultant/Event Planner & Legal Handfastings ~ By Amber Oceansong. Medford Area.

Astrological and Tarot Readings by Ceridwen -- --- 541-956-9240; sliding scale
Lady Draconis - The Handmaiden . I make custom cloaks, robes, ritual clothing and Sabbat costumes. ANY SIZE* ANY COLOR(S)* ANY MATERIAL* (Men's, Women's, & children's sizes) My web site is under construction at this time but you can send me an email at or be sure to address your message to The Handmaiden. I will consult with you via email and give you a quote. Prices vary upon size and materials. (A Cave junction local. )

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