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The Index presents the listings on this page for your reference only. The Index does not endorse any of the events listed here and claims no responsibility for their actions or the value therin.
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INDEX BELTANE WEEKEND -- April 27-29 at Frater Phaedrus home in the woods near Trail. For camping, workshops, circles and other info check the ongoing Beltane thread on our message board at

1st Saturday Drumming Circles -- In Grants Pass, sponsored by Gaia's Kindred. Contact for more info.

CELTIC CALENDAR is maintained at Rogue Valley Celtic Society, which exists to promote the arts, culture and music of the seven Celtic nations. Not a Pagan site, but Celtic events are always of interest to the Pagan community and that is why it's listed here. :) Check here for listings for Silverhand -- Beannacht!
Southern Jefferson Chat and Coffee --Redding CA -- Come and join us in Friendly Pagan/Wiccan topics and a good cup of coffee. Will be held on the Fourth Sun's Day of every month. It will be hosted by Shastadancer and Mystykpurple. For more information please check the message board for current schedules or changes in time and location, or contact: Shastadancer; P.O. Box 1179; Shasta Lake CA 96019-9717 or
The Hearth of Neriahna is hosting a Bardic / Drumming Circle every Thor's Day. Come if you are interested at 6:30.  It will officially end at 8:30 at our home. Bring songs, music, drums, rattles, poems, stories, etcetera. For more info or directions contact us at
Central Jefferson Monthly Coffee Meeting:   Join us the second Sunday, of every month at 10:30  AM.  Check the message board for location (usually Medford or Ashland), email, or phone us at (541) 488-8963.
Jefferson Index Forum. Our very own online chat and message board, and you are all invited to attend: . Tell your friends to come on down! Start a discussion, post a beef, or meet us in chat. Trust me: it's a whole lot safer than usenet. No spam, no flames, just good discussion
PNW Pagans (Pacific North West Pagans) is a virtual meeting place, message board and chat room for Pagans living in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and (I think) Alaska. It's a Yahoo! Club and you need a (free) Yahoo! email address to join. Check it out at:

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