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We present the listings on this page for your reference only. We do not endorse any of the groups listed here and claim no responsibility for their actions or the value therein.

The  following only represents those groups that have chosen to be listed or have been recommended by Soorpant members. 

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CUUPS.  Meets at the Unitarian Center, on 4th and C Streets, Ashland.  For full details, please email:  Art
DRAGON AND ROSE an official Grove of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  Public rituals are held on the solstices and equinoxes.  We have members-only meetings on the third Wednesday of each month and are authorized to perform OBOD initiatory rituals for all three grades.  For details, please email:  DragonandRose
Rogue River Protogrove, RDNA-- Celtic Druid Rituals. Families and newcomers always welcome. Email: RogueRiverGrove
Southern Oregon Dragon Tradition -- Bridges the gap between traditional and eclectic pagan practice by teaching ritual practice while maintaining the spirit of traditional Wicca.  We call it Dragon Tradition because it is a new tradition with an attitude of strength, honor and self-determination.  We are not role players but take our spirituality seriously.  Respect for each other is our only requirement.  Dragon Tradition was created to fill the need for a Wiccan tradition and ecourages eclectic choice without losing touch with the spirit.  We welcome our sisters and brothers who celebrate their earth based spirituality with or without labels.  All paths, orientations and seekers are welcomed.  Draconic, Druid, Asatru, Native American, Voodoan, Wicca, Goth, Vypyre and other traditions will be incoporated when ever possible.  We celebrate a monthly gathering held on the first Sunday evening of each month to accommodate our college students from SOU and RCC as well as busy mom and dads.  Other social events will be held throughout the month as schedules and time permits.  Come, dance with the dragons and rest your weary spirit.  Call Lavender Wynd at 621-1645 for further information.   Join us at: 
Tir na Rogue, an official Grove of the Ancient Order of Druids of America.  Public rituals as well as workshops for all ages and denominations through our Earthcraft "Rogue Moose Circle".  For details leave a message at 541-535-4524 or email:   Tir na Rogue

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* If you are a leader of a group listed, and you wish to be removed, email Aigeann . Your listing will be dropped within 3 working days of receipt -- no questions asked.

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Listings last updated January 11, 2005 (c.e.)

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