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We present the listings on this page for your reference only. We do not endorse the shops listed here and claim no responsibility for their actions or the value therein. 
PLEASE HELP by letting us know when you find a new shop.

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Ashland Community Foods , 2nd and "A" Street; Ashland. Mainly a "whole food store/co-op," they carry a fine selection of bulk herbs, candles, incense, magazines, other "craft" items.
Blue Dragon Bookstore 297 E. Main St; Ashland. A used book store; it generally has the best selection of occult books in Ashland.
Green Man Cafe -- Coffeehouse above Bloomsbury's Book Shoppe, downtown Ashland. 
Paddington Station 125 E. Main St; Ashland. Best selection of Celtic music in the area! They carry some really obscure Breton titles as well.
Rare Earth On the Plaza, Ashland. Lots of Celtic t-shirts, "throws," wind-chimes, incense, stones, cards, art, etc.
Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library is a not-for-profit, volunteer-operated organization providing easy access to books, videos, and audiocassette programs on a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal subjects. In addition to our lending library, RVML also organizes meetings and events including our free Video & Lecture Series every Tuesday 7-9pm. Please see our Calendar of Events for the current schedule.

SoundPeace Metaphysical Store, 199 E. Main St; Ashland OR; 541-482-3633. They're starting to carry more Pagan/Wiccan items, jewelry, "ritual herbs," magazines, etc.

Unicorn Gifts & Toys has recently moved:  now on Will Dodge Way, not Second Street. They are in the row of buildings behind the Sweet Shop that is on the corner of Second and E. Main. They don't have any signs out and they are very hard to see unless you know they are there; 541-488-5943 Much Pagan/Wiccan jewelry; Statues; Music; Tarot; Books; Toys & Games; Celtic and British Mythos items. Very cool store!


The Blue Moon Cafe -- Pagan owned and operated Coffeehouse. They also have a smallish amount of Paganly items for sale, as well as great coffee !


Never A Bum Steer, on "G" Street, has a goodly supply of incense, candles, "Keltic T-Shirts" by Welsh artist Jen Dyleth, and other items of Paganly interest (including Berkinstocks).

The Herb Shop, which I'm sure must be the best source of herbs with the largest variety in the entire Rogue Valley, and possibly all of Southern Oregon. This establishment is on the corner of 4th and G streets in Grants Pass.

The Toadstool, kind of a '60's headshop, located just up the street from The Herb Shop. They have a lot of stuff of Paganly interest.


The Pagan Element, (online) and The Copper Cauldron, (in Jacksonville), offer many of the items that Pagans use in their daily lives, such as incense, vinegars, oils, candles, plus some of the more exotic things that just are not often found in the Rogue Valley, such as incense powders, 1300+ New Age Book Titles, 300+ New Age Music Titles, instructional videos/cd's, athames, swords, scourges, soaps, salts, etc. We are located at 205 North 5th Street, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530, check us out online or call us: 1-541-899-8898 or 1-888-7-Copper


Pier 1 imports, 3425 Crater lake Highway, 541-608-6446 (Great selection of candles, candle holders, and other items that could be ritually useful)


Mystic Earth, located at 650 Jackson Street in the old downtown section of Roseburg, is a complete Metaphysical Book & Supply store.  They feature a section of new and used books ranging from Wicca and Magick to Eastern Spirituality.  They stock most everything you might need for tools and supplies including:  candles, athames, tarot decks, incense, gemstones, ritual clothing, etc.  They hold classes for on Wicca, divination, medicinal herbology, etc.  Tarot readers are avialable in the store on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  To find the store take Exit 124 off I-5 and turn right.  Follow the road to Jackson and turn right again.  Look for the purple awning (next door to the Wells Fargo bank).  For more information, contact:  Ron and Michelle at Mystic Earth, 650 S.E. Jackson Street, Roseburg or call 541-229-8899.


Matrix Botanical & Herb Corporation 541-878-1446 95 Chaparral Dr (Herbs, food supplements, vitamins, and Witchy/Pagan books, jewelry, other stuff. (Recommended by Fr. Phaedrus)


Wolf Creek Country Store ; 395 Old Hwy 99; Wolf Creek 541-866-2610. Jewelry, cards, statues, t-shirts, candles, incense and other Pagan related items.


Brigid's Cauldron --  a huge selection of Pagan jewelry, Wiccan and Pagan supplies, cauldrons, crystals, wands, runes, tarot decks, candles, books on magik,and all things Wiccan, bumperstickers, decals, music CD's, and much more . Run by members of SOORPANT .

Dwarvesong Offering hand-crafted embossed copper and brass plaques mounted on solid wood in Celtic, Pagan, astrological, & Egyptian designs. We also sell wrought iron candle holders and candelabras & ironwork. Custom book of shadows made of solid oak wrapped in brass or simply adorn with a brass or copper shield. Wedding ceremony books also wrapped in brass. Dwarvesong also carries cloak pins. We will be offering stone carvings.

Shop Wicca Online Ritual Supplies Store; We have many handmade Items. And also many ritual items.  Ritual Candles, Spell kits, Athames, Bells, Books, Cauldrons,  ritual jewlery, ritual oils, ritual bath Items, herbs, incenses, resins, gift baskets, Tarot Readings, and so much more...
If you see something you would like please feel free to email us at
Bright Blessings to you all Star Shaw aka Shopwicca & The Herb Goddess
Owned by a member of
Soorpant group & The Pagan Business Association

Northern Sun They have started selling Pagan t-shirts, bumperstickers, posters and statues. Good prices too.

Ubik Bookstore A web-based Occult bookstore also featuring unique custom made drums. Based in Ashland..

AzureGreen run by an intentional Pagan community in Middlefield MA, they offer a complete line of Pagan/Wiccan/Magickal supplies, books, crafts, bumperstickers and more!  You can order direct from their website, but their catalogue is much more comprehensive.  Write for one at or snail-mail them at P.O. Box 48; Middlefield, MA 01243-0048. Their phone numbers are (413)623-2155 (Voice) or (413)623-2156 (Fax)

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If you are an owner of a business listed, and you do not wish to be listed any longer, email Aigeann . Your listing will be dropped within 3 working days of receipt -- no questions asked.

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