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Southern Oregon Pagan Network


We present the listings on this page for your reference only. We do not endorse any of the services listed here and claim no responsibility for their actions or the value therin.

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I am Kenneth Walters, You can call me Kenny.  I am an Ordained Member of the Spiritual Humanist Clergy, as a Pagan.  I am a Pagan Freelance for I can find no path right for me. 

My Clergy powers given to me by The Church of Spiritual Humanist are:

The official list of ceremonies are: Marriage, Baby Naming, Funeral, Hand Fasting, Commitment, Affirmation of Love, Invocations, Renewal of Marriage, and holiday ceremonies.

However if your religious traditions include ceremonies not mentioned here I may also perform  them as long as they break no laws and harm no one.

However I am prohibited from performing ceremonies that involve exorcism, circumcision and animal sacrifice.

My fees are not set in stone.  They are fixable and reasonable.  They are decided on by the Asking Party and myself.

If you have any questions please E-mail me at
or call my Cell at (541) 292-3793
Tarot Readings by Grey Badger -- 541-779-1791; The third Thursday of every month and by personal appointment.
Reiki healing sessions and attunements by Aigeann-- Message phone: 541-535-4524
Rogue Rescue, dedicated to finding loving new homes for abandoned/stray kitties.  For more information, email:  is a U.S. based site designed as an online Pagan community for its users to barter (trade) sell or buy products. I am offering everyone who signs up a  $10.00 credit that they can use toward listing their items. We also have a community forum where members can share chants, rituals, ideas, incense blends or even fun stuff to just make.  Bright Blessings, Granny Green Witch (Karen Andrews)

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