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Welcome to
The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum

Welcome! The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum features an active message board for Pagans and their friends. If you are a Pagan or are just interested in finding out about Pagans, you'll find our message board a friendly place to discuss religion and magick, ritual and everyday life, philosophy and books, health and divination, and just about anything else remotely related that our members find interesting. Feel free to introduce yourself and to participate in or start your own discussions in our message board.

Summary of Forum Rules
(Please Read!)

To keep The Cauldron a friendly place, the hosts have set some rules for this community and have the power to deny access to the message board and chat area to those who insist on violating them. The following is a summary of a major portion of these rules:

  1. The word of the forum hosts (Elspeth and Randall Sapphire) is final. The word of their staff is final unless overruled by the forum hosts. It is unlikely that a staff decision will be overruled.
  2. Do not behave in a manner that the hosts, the staff, or reasonable members will consider annoying or excessively rude. You should click here for a non-exhaustive list of behavior we generally find rude or annoying.
  3. Personal attacks (i.e. name calling, hostile remarks, accusations, etc.), blanket condemnations of religions or peoples, proselytizing, and unapproved unsolicted advertising will not be tolerated. Debate is welcome but please debate ideas and opinions, not personalities. Outright hate speech is never welcome.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material without including the specific and express permission granted by the original author (or the copyright holder if that is no longer the original author) to post their material in The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. [see copyright note]
  5. The Cauldron message board and chat is "PG-13" rated. No gratuitous offensive language, please.

For more detailed information on all of The Cauldron's rules and copies of our legal disclaimers, please visit the rules page of our web site.

Special Note About This Forum

This forum is one of Delphi's oldest and has a feature called a "text side" where paying members of Delphi can read messages via telnet in plain old ascii text (no fonts, no font colors, no pictures). Please do not depend on such HTML features to convey meaning in your messages and please write messages in multiple short (less than 1000 character) paragraphs instead of one huge paragraph. Click here for our Message Board FAQ with more detailed information about text side.

Cauldron Staff:
Co-Hosts: Elspeth and Randall
Staff: Ann, Solstice, Twilight, Undine

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