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The  following only represents those groups that have chosen to be listed or have been recommended by Soorpant members. There are many, many other covens, groves and circles in our area. Many of these groups use the "People" listings when seeking new members.

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The Klamath Basin Pagan Network is for Pagans in the area of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Join us for information on local groups and happenings, events in Oregon and Northern California, and connect with other Pagans in the area! This group is open to anyone who is Pagan, or is interested in learning about Pagan or Shamanistic Paths. For more information, please contact: calisasilvertail@1witch.com
Dragon and Rose, a Seed Group of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids --OBOD rituals and members-only email lists and meetings for discussions on lessons. Some rituals held jointly with other local Druid groups. DragonandRose@earthlink.net    

Rogue River Grove, ADF -- Celtic Druidry: Rituals and Workshops open to the pagan-friendly public. Those under 18 are welcome when accompanied by parents or guardians. ADF member-only lists for discussions on the Dedicant Program. For more information, please leave a message: (541) 535-4524 or E-mail: RogueRiverGrove@earthlink.net   
The Ancient Order of Druids: Tir na Rogue Study Group --Workshops and rituals open to the pagan-friendly public. E-mail: Tir_na_Rogue@earthlink.net    
Rowan Tree Coven -- We are located in Medford, Oregon. Contact person is Rhianun UiNeill at 541-773-3952. We are an eclectic group of Pagans who practice Magic. We are serious, but we like to laugh and have fun. We have Adult education as well as a children's program. We celebrate all Pagan holidays, Full Moons and New Moons. We have Sisterhood/Brotherhood meetings once a month as well as celebrations of life cycle events. We have a Yahoo Teaching Site that can be accessed at RowanTreeCoven

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