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Pagan, or "Neo-Pagan" is an umbrella term for those individuals and groups who follow an Earth based religious tradition. These include but are not limited to: "Witches," "Wiccans," "Heathens," "Shamans," "Ceremonial Magicians," "Druids," "Celtic Reconstructionists," polytheists, animists, and pantheists. Click here for more information.

Our purpose is networking.  We exist to help Pagans in Southern Oregon make connections with each other and with Pagan organizations. We act as a clearinghouse for Covens, Groves, Circles and other Earth Religion organizations as well as an information exchange offering resources on Pagan/Wiccan Traditions and other subjects of interest.

Incidentally, there are many more of us than one might think. Southern Oregon is becoming a "Mecca" for Pagans across the US. I daresay that in a short time we will outnumber all other religious groups in Rogue Valley area.

We are nonprofit, but not in the official sense, as that is beyond our means at this time (It costs money to not make money :).

To be listed here simply write an ad.  The briefer the better, but not too brief.  Who are you and what are you looking for?  Do you offer a service?  Do you charge for that service? Do you teach? Are you looking for an established group? Or, do you seek to start one? A listing that gives little information about yourself invites the eye to slip by. If you don't know what you want, it's okay to say so, but if you're too obscure or vague, you'll get little or no response. Check out current listings (click at the bottom of this page) for samples. List your name (magick or mundane), Tradition(s), and who you are interested in working with (i.e., men only, women only, and/or mixed). If you're "interested in local contacts", say whether it is for social, ritual, learning, teaching, or whatever, and you're more likely to get the response you are looking for. The more creative, intriguing or outrageous, the better will be your results. Remember: "be careful what you ask for, for you shall surely get it."  

DO NOT list your street address  in your ad (like someone can come to your front door).  Listings with street addresses (unless of a business or mail drop service) will not be published. It's just a bad idea. ANYONE with access to the Internet has access to this site, and your ad. Think before you post.

We also suggest you use an alternate email address such as the free one you can get at Hotmail or Yahoo .

Email your ad to Aigeann (put SOORPANT in the subject line).

You may also to subscribe to our discussion / networking list:

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